Our factory, located in Hualien, Taiwan is equipped with Italian Breton machineries that make up our elaborate processing facility to produce some of the best products in the granite market.

Equipped with Italian Breton gangsaws, polishing and resining machines, the blocks are prepped and cut into slabs of either 2cm or 3cm thickness.

The following steps are followed to ensure a solid surface:

  1. Honing – Evens out the surface, creating a clean template for the next two steps
  2. Heating – Slabs are put through a high temperatured oven to remove all moisture
  3. Resining – Tenex® resin of varying viscosity is applied and given time to absorb into the material. The heated slabs help with the absorption. This step ensures that pores are sealed off and helps prevent stains and the harbouring of bacterias.
  4. Polishing – Gives the slabs an even shine.
  5. Brushing / Honing – Slabs are refinished for those requesting a textured, or matte surface to their stone.